On the more indica side of the hybrid scale is this refreshing offering, also cruising under the names Kosher Tangie and 24K. Whatever handle, this is exceptionally fine stuff, but a bit raw to the nose.

Orange Tree from a Los Angeles dispensary. (Photo by Cindy Yamanaka, Orange County Register/SCNG)

You may have your preference from among the half-dozen or so major malodors emitted by skank bud the world over. Some prefer the peppery attar of O.G. strain. Others rhapsodize over the heavy, greasy funk caused by the stronger indicas. Still more rave about weed smelling like pine, incense or chicory. But a mere gram of Orange Tree truly reeks like a bushel of overripe armpit.

However indelicate the nose, the taste is actually rather mild and sweet. I began my session with this strain late in the day and was glad of it. The increased activity level gave restlessness and feelings of somewhat scatterbrained vigor of the kind that cleans one’s apartment and does one’s laundry but neglects to write one’s strain review until the buzz wears off a bit.

Reverie and absent mindedness may ensue, though you’ll swear it’s not from the weed and you’re not at all high. It’s a worthy descendant of Kosher Kush (accounting for its quick and unsubtle effects) and the versatile and ever-popular Tangie (a strain renowned among sativa-heads for its blissful checkout-time buzz).

Orange Tree

Price: $15/gram



The wrap: Orange Tree is weed for all seasons and a single gram doesn’t last very long.

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