Touted as strong pain-relief with a noticeable body high, King Kong is one of those feelgood strains that are sometimes useful to weekend athletes. My own occasional overactivity gets me in the lower extremities, but half a lifetime of yoga instilled the values of mental stillness and a good stretch.

King Kong marijuana flowers. (Ron Garmon)

Fans of “stoned yoga” and “stoned meditation” will know what I mean by weed providing a valuable nudge in both directions. There’s the experience of meditative bliss after a round of stretching and balance and there’s jump-starting that bliss the better to ease into it.

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This method best works solo since yoga fans into this likely already know 1) on MJ, the mind wanders and 2) it’s not nice to go to class stinking of heavy weeds anyway. I chose King Kong, a strain unknown to me, thinking an indica dominant with noticeable body effects to be just the thing.

Cracking open the bottle one morning, I found the nugs small, pale and intensely, anti-socially malodorous. Perfect for my experiment. The resulting buzz was sledgehammerlike and easy to get lost in, but I resolutely pressed Play on a pre-recorded lesson on YouTube.

The effect was exquisite – the rolls and stretched came with a sense of lovely mental stillness undisturbed by the unnaturally loud cracking of my joints. This resulted in the kind of all-day bliss difficult to put a rating to.

King Kong

Price: $15/gram

The Wrap: Recommended for those times when you don’t want the entire yoga class to hear you grunt and wheeze.

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