Not even a sealed plastic bag could suppress the reek of this legendary strain. Gentle euphemisms like “full-bodied” or “distinctive,” won’t cut it – this stuff is flat out fetid.

Holy Grail Kush

Chunky, salted-over with magically delicious white fibers, and thick as stale cheesecake, my share of these heavy weeds was a conspicuously oversized, multibud gram handed over by an evilly grinning budista in some East L.A. shoebox of a dispensary.

Said to be descended from Kosher Kush and OG 18, this strain’s cult is based almost entirely on potency, with a reported average of 23 percent THC. Prizewinning issue of prizewinning parents, HGK is high-octane indica dominant, so that wondrously layered and trippy rollercoaster effect of superior indica is at full force here.

The ever-reliable “three-hit test” brought on a spasm of coughing and a fairly long interval between the second and third doses. Unlike your (allegedly) normal indica high, this strain moved to activity, in my case a fun, if pointless, shopping trip. Far from the usual numbing effects, HGK imparts a mellow and cheerful glow, along with something very much like the legendary stoner absentmindedness, in which you temporarily forget things like the sunglasses atop your head.

From the first updraft to the slow mellow descent, this one is a first-class ride. Unlike many of the more celebrated strains, this one is relatively easy to find.

Holy Grail Kush


Price: $15/gram

The wrap: Indica lovers, your crusade ends here.   

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