By reputation one of the highest-energy marijuana strains, every nug of Green Crack indeed bursts with full-tilt boogie. Allegedly a descendant of Skunk No. 1, a hardy Dutch weed dating from the 1970s, this product was originally called “Cush” but later was changed to something more connotatively eye-opening.

Macro photography of Green Crack Supreme

Its legend as of those body-high, mental-clarity “up “ strains is far removed from the heavy-lidded, brain-deadening Cheech & Chong dank so often marveled at by ancient hippies and the Attorney General.

This stuff is usually found jarred-up with the sativas, but Internet weed pundits insist upon calling it an indica. What’s for certain is it puts the “wake” in wake ‘n’ bake. My gram of these heavy meds came in the form of a single large and thick bud, the first hit of which came wobbling back boomerang-like 30 seconds after exhaling. A second intensified this effect, with a head-spinning return coming at roughly the 2-minute mark. Further applications yielded happily similar results.

The meds are unusually sweet-smelling, with a citrusy nose and more delicate than usual finish that makes overindulgence easy. While certainly not lethal, the strain unhinges mundane care to the point that operating heavy machinery is neither desirable nor particularly interesting. High energy, yes, but GC is one of the best on the market for day-tripping and sure to brighten many a mundane household chore.

Green Crack


Price: $12/gram

The wrap: Well named, for it vanished quicker than any other strain under review!

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