The pride of South Africa and one of the world’s most celebrated strains, Durban Poison is viciously effective hyper-buzz marijuana with effects that are immediate and not at all subtle. High Times deemed it one of the 25 Greatest Strains of All Time, noting its origin and facility for crossbreeding with other strains.

Durban Poison Macro photography by Spurs Broken (aka Robert R. Sanders)

Since popular sativa-dominant hybrids like Girl Scout Cookies contain significant chunks of DP in their lineage, the ongoing cult around this late 1970s-era weed deepens as its mystique intensifies. Aficionados swear by the otherworldly wallop this stuff packs and that pricked my attention.

We who prefer the wavelike brain-bomb of indica sometimes forget the kind of joyous number pure sativa can run on your consciousness. The nug depicted was largest of three, but indecent haste to get on with the experiment meant the two smaller would go first. The scent is nose-tickling and licoricey and the plump buds burn very slowly, but the blast effect is unmistakable.

Unlike the Clobbering-Time effect of indica strains, this example of pure sativa will snap eyes wide open and sharpen the senses. High in THC but low in CBD, Durban Poison imparts a beautifully sharp, almost granular high that sets the mind to pleasantly swimming in its own imaginings.

Durban Poison


Price: $15/gram

The wrap: The sativa indica lovers crave!

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