Raised on a beautiful mountainside high above Benbow in Southern Humboldt, Coyote Blue is the signature strain of Alpenglow Farms.

It took five years of selective breeding to stabilize and perfect the strain’s genetics to produce a robust plant that yields dense, hearty flowers. The surface is loaded with tightly coiled auburn pistils springing from the cracks and crevices of muted mints and earthy greens, with an occasional spotting of purple flecks highlighting the trichome dusted tips.

Coyote Blue from Alpenglow Farms. (Erica Edwards)

First impressions from the jar burst with the bright sweetness of lemon curd, juicy lemon pulp and flowering chamomile with blueberries. Tearing the flower open releases a delightfully savory and herbaceous mix of scallions, thyme and rosemary, with intensified chamomile, oak and pine.

The flavor opens with a floral woodiness that leans towards a bright and tart array of chamomile, green apple, arugula and peppery radish, with a spritz of meyer lemon and traces of oak. As the tartness fades, sweet warmth rolls in with tasty notes of blueberry-vanilla shisha and shy traces of spicy clove.

It doesn’t take long for the body to mellow out with loosened limbs and a soothing glow of comfort from head to toe. A tranquil flow of feel good energy gently stimulates harmonious thoughts and creative ponderings, leaving the mind calm and present, with soft and subtle undertones of observant clarity.

Summary: The mild sedation of Coyote Blue is a brilliant blend of relief and relaxation, with an enchanted flare of inspired motivation.

Certified Dank refers to cannabis that is among the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the finest available anywhere. (CertifiedDank.com)

Alpenglow Farms on Instagram: @alpenglowfarms707

Coyote Blue from Alpenglow Farms

Price: $40-$45 an eighth

Indica Leaning Hybrid

THC 19.1% CBD 0.08%

Genetics: Blueberry x Cotton Candy x Train Wreck

Available through Flow Kana at Zen Garden Wellness in Sacramento and Stash Twist delivery in the East Bay.

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