Like its namesake, this strain came and went in a speedy blaze. BR is among the latest in a very long line of marijuana strains named for celebrities. This follows the old-timey practice of honoring notables by naming cigars, with the elegant Robert Burns panatella remembered alongside the massive Churchill as peak nicotine experiences.

Burt Reynolds sold from a Los Angeles dispensary. (Photo by Cindy Yamanaka, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Go to pretty much any dispensary and behold a long list of weed named for Snoop Dawg, Charlie Sheen, Barack Obama, Margaret Cho, Stevie Wonder, even Chuck Norris, though having seen reruns of “Walker, Texas Ranger”, I entertain serious doubts about how high the kick it delivers. Magic Jordan jams together high-flyers Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan into a single strain, and Clint Eastwood is namechecked with Dirty Harry, an indica that presumably makes you lose count after the fifth toke.

In any event, imagine my delight at finding dank bearing the name of this long-ago silver screen cowboy, himself an icon of giggles and unseriousness. There’s nothing subtle about movies like “Gator,” “Cannonball Run II,” or “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” and even less about the weed monikered in Burt’s honor. It’s potent stuff with effects well-known to indica lovers – day-dreaminess, time-distortion, and maximum pain-dislocation with little of the numbing or lethargic effects of the heavier indicas.

Burt Reynolds

Price: $12/gram



The wrap: At the price, a lot of Smokey for very little banditry.

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