With over 10 years of growing experience, Wild Women Herbals flourishes off-grid on their 162 acre, organic farm in the oak woodlands of northern Mendocino County.

Limited plants are grown for individual attention and hands on care, which reflects in the resinous quality of the flowers. Rich, earthy greens stand out against the lighter and more subdued colors caked with layers of trichomes, creating the appearance of a yellowish hue sweeping across the flowers surface.

Buddha Cann from Wild Women Herbals. (Courtesy Erica Edwards)

First impression from the jar is slightly faint with a piney, lemony, cedar softness to it that is bright and warm. Breaking the flower open introduces a curiously alluring fruity-funk of ripe blueberries and traces of acetone, with herbal notes of juniper and basil surfacing amidst a cedarwood finish.
Each puff reveals a new sequence of overlapping layers contending with one another in a bitter battle between floral, woody and citrus. Overtones of pine and lemon peel challenge fainter notes of cedar and oak, while spicy mustard seed rises to the top with notes of flowering dandelion blossoms. The bitterness progresses with loads of lemon peel and dandelion greens before fading into the soft woodiness of redwood, hints of cedar and a lingering acetone finish that somehow transforms into a banana bread aftertaste.

Warm feelings of spiritual connectedness gently soothe the soul with an air of creative inspiration and a heart full of appreciation. The mind quiets into a calm and uplifting tranquility, remaining fairly clear, open and easefully functional, while the body relaxes into a blissful state of weightless serenity. A faint pulse of underlying energy hums from deep within, seeking dispersal in a soft, pleasant and peaceful manner.

Summary: Buddha Cann brings the Zen with happy thoughts, mellow vibes and a centered state that sets the tone for overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Certified Dank refers to cannabis that is among the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the finest available anywhere. (CertifiedDank.com)

Buddha Cann from Wild Women Herbals
Price Range: $40 an eighth
Sativa Leaning Hybrid
THC 22% CBD 0.1%
Genetics: Unknown
Available through Flow Kana at in San Francisco, CA

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