Perched in the hills of Mendocino County, River Txai Farms focuses on breeding unique strains of organic sungrown cannabis, while tending to the land with love, respect and appreciation.

There is a slight density to the flowers and they are mostly compact, but there is also a loosened springiness to them as well. Sporadic clusters of short, rust colored hairs scatter amongst brighter greens, with the warmth of resinous hues dusting the surface.

Arcanna OG from River Txai Farms (Courtesy Erica Edwards)

These flowers exude the typical OG aroma with an initial emphasis on the sweet, spicy woodiness and a kiss of citrus. Sharp fumes of fuel waver beneath fresh pine needles, sugary lemon drops and warm traces of cedar. Cracking the flower open unleashes an eye-popping, piney fuel funk aroma with juicy lemons and a touch of chamomile.

Plenty of twang rolls in with lemon peel, pinesap and a mouthful of soft pine slabs in the smoke. A carbonated kick of lemony-lime sprite tingles towards the back of the throat, slowly creeping up into the nose before fizzing out with tart lime, hints of oak and a glimpse of soily spearmint.

A smooth silkiness ripples across the skin while the body itself feels internally vast and ever expanding. Thoughts are calm, motivating and fairly clear, with an occasional wander into creative brain clouds, as a slightly stony glaze begins working its way in.

Summary: Lightly uplifting, comfortably soothing and soft yet strong, Arcanna OG saunters into a fantastic crescendo of loosening up and vibin’ out.

Certified Dank refers to cannabis that is among the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the finest available anywhere. (

River Txai Farms on Instagram: @rivertxai

Arcanna OG from River Txai Farms

Price Range: $35 an eighth


THC 19.7% CBD 0.2%

Genetics: Mystery OG x (Blue Dream x True Kush)

Available through Flow Kana at Connoisseur Direct delivery in Banning, CA.

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