First, I gotta mention the taste. If you’re a tobacco vaper into mixtures that taste like Chocolate Mango or Brandy Alexanders, this is your new bud.

The attar of strawberries is intense in this one and the flavor leaves a certain LifeSavers aftertaste on the tongue. Some pens are stingy with the vapor, but with this item, you get an unusually dense cloud of it chuffed straight down your throat as if blown there.

The pull is seriously easy and only the slightest intake of air needed to flood your lungs with heavy fumes. That being the case, the ever-reliable Three Hit Test became a bit of a fiasco in terms of lost time and staring into the middle distance.

Even so, I had to hit long and hard on this cartridge before the first cough welled up out of me. Some athletic types like to vape up before working out but be warned this is not the flavor for that. However the brain may spin and scheme and race, your feet won’t want to do anything, not even wear socks.

Flight Farms itself is a multiple Cannabis Cup-winning outfit with a solid rep for oils and flower cultivation. As it just so happened, the local dispensary was running a two-for one special on FF products so I scored a Cantaloupe cartridge too. Same pull, similar fruity flavor as advertised, slightly longer-lasting buzz.

Flight Farms StrawBana

Price: $30



The Wrap: Your new candy-flavored dream stick.

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