Subjectively, assurances that the big black teardrop of CO2 oil contains up to 73% THC seem perfectly valid. One or two wispy vape hits of this merry sativa-based concoction and the Thousand Yard Stare effect sets in almost at once, making way for that familiar and welcome floaty happiness sativa heads rave about.

Bloom Farms’ Single Origin Sativa Cartridge. (Courtesy photo)

The blow the oil in this cartridge inflicts on your mundane workaday consciousness is remarkable — mellow, yet intensely cerebral, good-humored and profoundly mood-altering. Part of the company’s California-centric line of strain-specific oils that include Tahoe O.G. Kush and Emerald Dream, Sour Diesel is one of their newest and captures the light-triptastic essence of a good Sour D. buzz.

The usual strain effects — dreaminess, abstraction, warm flushes, sudden enthusiasms, the occasional randy thought — get a full, even excessive, workout with this product. Sour Diesel flower, as everyone knows, is among the roughest on the lungs, but this oil makes for smoother than average vaping.

The CBD content is a sizable 3%, which, advocates claim, amounts to not so much as an opioid stunning of the pain sufferer as simple displacement of consciousness of the misery. The “single source” touted is from Mindful Canna in scenic Nevada county, California, out where they used to rob stagecoaches and pan for gold.

Bloom Farms Single Origin Sour Diesel, 500mg cartridge

Price: $40



The Wrap: The express elevator to the vapor-capped summit of Mt. Sativa in mere seconds.

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