Along with this 500 mg cartridge, the good folks at Bloom Farms sent along a charger and elegantly slim Highlighter battery. All to help deliver and better enjoy this smoothly superior product.

This product yields a lengthy buzz with a noticeably indica-like effect, with usually sharp visuals and pleasant headspin. This product is touted as “all-natural,” which likely accounts for its exceptional smoothness and mildness going down.

Bloom Farms Hybrid Sunrise Gardens Sherbet (Courtesy photo)

Many longtime smokers of marijuana in its flower stage complain that vaping is too harsh and cough-inducing, but there’s very little of that here. The tested product contains a formidable 50-75 percent THC, making my standard Three Hit Test not only almost imperceptibly easy but somewhat annihilating, at least for a short while.

This oil is specifically recommended for new vapers for good reason, for this is about the gentlest and easiest-to-take way of inhaling THC I’ve ever encountered and a far cry from what indiscriminate dabbing does to one’s lungs and wind. One cartridge will likely last a casual user for weeks. The Highlighter battery has no button, which saves time fumbling in the dark for one.

Bloom Farms All Natural Hybrid Sunrise Gardens Sherbet

Price: $30-35


The Wrap: The go-to vape for noobs and light entertainment for a summer afternoon for veterans.

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