California-born and lab-perfected early last decade, Granddad Purp is by common assent one of the all-time great indica strains and a top seller too. GDP is in range and psychoactive striking power, a classic example of the supercharged “modern” (as opposed to “hippie”) weed that upped the rhetorical ante among this nation’s oft-hysterical drug warriors.

In short, a strain for the ages and compressed here in a CO2 oil that weighs in at a brain-blistering 76.53% THC. That’s right – the 500 milligrams of gleaming black liquid inside this ruggedly built, leak-resistant cartridge are nearly three-quarters designer buzz juice.

This quickly turned my standard Three Hit Test into the Hour That Stretches. Unlike many indicas, GDP flower doesn’t usually cause lethargy, but the distraction and reverie element is powerful even after small amounts and this oil refines and intensifies this experience. As usual with Bhang’s vape cartridges, the pull is smooth and the taste just this side of undetectable.

The reasons you see these black cheroot-like items glowing everywhere these days are simple ease of use and superiority of effect. The exhaled “smoke” vanishes at once, leaving no telltale brushfire ganja cloud draped around the user.

Bhang Private Reserve Granddaddy Purple Vape Cartridge

Price: $45-60



The Wrap: For immediate immersion in a now-classic marijuana high, this is perfection itself.

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