This strain is fairly new, yet comes with a great deal of lore attached, some of it possibly true. Twice winner of the High Times Indica Cup, double-K has a serious rep as boom-boom-out-go-the-lights indica.

Kosher Kush

Online descriptions of this Southern California strain hint at the kind of super-opioid effect that keeps one couch-locked and unable to use post-1900 technology. Thought to be a sovereign remedy for insomnia, pain, and numbing boredom, KK has a higher-than-average THC content, with most samples coming in at a hairy 22-25 percent. Speaking of hairs, there’s enough white fuzz on this small, dense, popcorn-like nugs to kindle anticipation along with the weed.

Upon trial, the strain’s formidable reputation held good. In a departure from my usual clinical methodology, I ingested my first chunk of this stuff in an alleyway outside one of L.A.’s finer revival house cinemas. Sticking to my “three hits before a movie” rule was perhaps ill-advised, because it was made for a fast, hard ride up and it seemed like my legs were in stilts as I made my way to a seat. The taste is harsh and the smoke thick and malodorous, but the high is catapult-like and well-nigh instantaneous, with those three tokes good for nearly two hours of close attention. The buzz imparted is profound and not to be taken lightly.

Kosher Kush


Price: $10/gram

The wrap: When it’s Blaze Time and you don’t want to leave the house, accept no substitutes.

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