I returned from Burning Man 2017 much the worse for wear. My feet were blistered stumps, my knees and shins two long aches and my back felt like that of a ninety-year old pack mule. In short, the same as every year only this time slightly worse.

Kine Drops. (Courtesy photo)

On my first dispensary trip back, I picked up a pack of these two oversized lozenges and, since Motrin and Advil alike failed me, hoped for the best. My schedule for the night involved a great deal of walking on cracked city pavement but my legs were well up to it about a half hour after ingestion.

These “artisanal hard candy” lozenges are large and (common with much weed candy) taste like the bottom of a cigar-store ashtray. It dissolved quickly and soon I began to feel the formidable 15 mg of CBD as a surprising absence of pain.

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Typically marijuana works as more of pain displacement than cessation but I was very favorably impressed with how this product seemed to blot it completely. This dosage is a little on the high side for some but perfect for one of my frame and tolerance.

Zero fat, twenty contemptible calories and, at a puny 3 mg of THC, any buzz obtained was negligible if not theoretical. Besides Watermelon, there are sixteen vegan, gluten-free other flavors, including Dreamsicle, Banana Cream Pie, and Caramellow.

Kine Drops (Watermelon)

Price: $11 for 2

The blunt: Surprisingly effective demonstration of what your CBD-head friends rave about.

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