Everyone reading this has seen Retta and Aziz Ansari’s “Treat Yo Self” bit from “Parks And Recreation”, right? If not, immediately watch, and then continue reading. Even if you have seen it, you probably should refresh.

Treat Yourself Vegan Cherry Almond Tartlettes. (Courtesy photo)

Done with task one? Great. Let’s talk about Treat Yourself tartlettes, created by two BFFs with a mission to create healthy cannabis-infused products that inspire self-love. Self-care is a really important theme that’s not often discussed in connection with cannabis, which is praised for its magical pain and inflammation curing properties, as well as it’s mood-boosting elements. But the ritual of daily self-care is super important, especially in the context of women’s health.

Three things I noticed after consuming the cherry almond vegan tartlette:

1. Remember how Pop Tarts were one of the best snacks of all time? I gobbled half of a 1:1 tart the size of my palm, which was about 20mg THC and 20mg of CBD, but somehow was able to stop myself from eating the full dose. Barely.

2. These tartlettes didn’t get me ripped like some other edibles I’ve sampled. It took a good two hours for me to feel the cannabis kick in, but once it did, I still felt very lucid. While there wasn’t a lot of psychoactivity for me, I did feel the soothing effects of the medicine and much later in the evening, I slept like a baby.

3. Healthy doesn’t equate to bad taste. These tartlettes are vegan (which I am not) so I’m often pre-disposed to wrinkling my nose when I see the V word. They’re also low in refined sugar, soy free, and gluten free. The fun, though, is in the creative medley of flavors that totally reminded me of childhood pop tart bliss and I took pleasure in knowing there weren’t chemicals and preservatives.

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The Wrap: Treat Yourself’s Tartlettes put health first – these are edibles that will satisfy your desire for a yummy treat that won’t make you feel a lick of guilt. These are also perfect for female canna-consumers with dietary restrictions, but don’t want to sacrifice on flavor.

Potency: Two varieties, either a 2-pack with 50mg CBD, 20mg THC or one giant tart with 40mg THC and 40mgs CB

Price: $16-20

Availability: GetSava.com is your best bet.