Much has been said about Kiva’s “WonderMints”, so I’ll just add my two cents: they deserve the hoopla. Size-wise, Petra Mints a microdoser’s best friend and they benefit from Kiva’s extraordinary attention to detail in terms of taste and efficacy.

Kiva Confectioners Petra Mints. (Courtesy photo)

These multi-purpose mints are discreet and delicious. Their packaging is on point, with an attractive design and a slender tin, perfect for active lifestyles. The Moroccan Mint flavor is unique, with green tea matcha and peppermint extract. Another distinguishing factor in the wide world of edibles: the Petra flavors are sugar-free but are still a burst of sweetness with hints of Tahitian Vanilla. I barely taste the cannabis in these mints though, so if you’re sensitive to any hints of skunky flavor, Petra Mints are an excellent choice.

At just 2.5 mg per mint, you’ve got an easy-to- consume ally in combating daily stress, whether that’s coming from acute or chronic pain, or emotional stressors. You’ll want to find your minimum effective dose, and I discovered that two mints was the ideal microdose for my body. About an hour and fifteen minutes after eating them, I felt the mints get into the task of
smoothing my jagged edges and felt noticeably more cheerful after two hours passed.

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However, for those who are experiencing severe pain, you might want to look elsewhere for relief as you’ll need to consume more of these mints to feel the medicinal benefits.

The Wrap: For those especially wanting to microdose as they take on the world’s challenges, the Petra Mints are an ideal option. Their Moroccan Mint and Eucalyptus flavors are refreshing and bright.

Potency: 2.5 mg THC per mint, 100 total mg THC in a tin.

Price: $14-18

Effects: 10 out of 10 for relief from mild aches and pains, emotional turbulence, and other low- grade ailments

Availability: Widely distributed throughout California dispensaries

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