There are certain moments in life where a little sweetness goes a long way. For women on their grind, dealing with the grind, a hint of sugar and canna-medicine beats pharmaceutical alternatives.

Flour Child Seasonal Jam. (Courtesy photo)

Flour Child’s jam uses sun-grown, organic, triple-tested for purity cannabis, which relieved my pain and boosted my mood within two hours of consumption. I slept like a baby after a period of sweet giggly phase. As far as edibles go, it’s silly, light, and social – this jam is not going to strap you to your couch.

Because of its thoughtful ingredients, Flour Child’s dank Seasonal Jam is not to be missed. The company was founded by partners Stephany Gocobachi and her sweetie, Akhil Khadse, the alchemists behind this first-to- market cannabis jam, as well as granola, topicals, and most recently, housemade flower rosin. In addition to their excellence in the fresh, sustainable ingredients department, I appreciate that this business is run by two POC entrepreneurs in love.

Flavor-wise, you’ll taste the cannabis, but it tastes so good when paired with the sweet tartness from the strawberries and zingy lemon zest. Gocobachi did the test driving to make sure this product is nicely balanced. This jam goes perfectly with a cup of morning coffee or as a bedtime snack (I put it on some cornbread and dang, was that a good move.) There’s also peach, blueberry, and blackberry flavors I’m now dying to try.

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In terms of dosage, there’s 7.5 mg of THC in a single tablespoon and 60 mgs of THC per 4 oz. jar, which equates to about two and change doses. it’s powerful stuff though, so if you broke it down to a little less than a tablespoon, you will certainly still feel this jam’s effects. it just depends on you and your preferences. i’d say the only slight downside to this yummy treat is that it’s a little difficult to dose exactly, being a jam. however, you can certainly try the micro- dosing with a teaspoon, which is 2.5 mgs, a lovely amount for beginners or for those looking for subtle relaxation.

The Wrap: The high is manageable, the effects are strong, and the taste is farmer’s market fresh. For all those culinary purists with a sweet tooth out there, and/or those seeking a reminder that summer’s on its way, this’ll be your jam.

Potency:  7.5 mg per tablespoon; 60 mg THC per 4 oz. jar

Price:  $18 – 20

Effects:  10 out of 10.

Availability:  Due to the rollercoaster that is legalization, Flour Child’s artisanal products will be limited in the beginning of the year. Your best bet is for now.

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