By Rebecca Olmos | Correspondent

While there are a good amount of nonalcoholic spirits on grocery store shelves, why not indulge in a cannabis-infused beverage? Canna-beverages not only replace the alcohol you’re used to having in hand, but they also help keep your spirits lifted. Also, because of the nano-emulsification process needed to break the THC down into drinkable form, cannabis-infused beverages offer a rapid onset (within 15 minutes) and rapid offset, so you can catch a buzz but still be able to move on with your evening.

Here are five delicious infused drinks to try:

  1. CANN

CANN social tonics come in two different options, CBD/THC microdose flavors (four milligrams of CBD and two of THC) and their new Hi-Boy cans that are a light 5-milligram dosage. They come in a few different flavors, including grapefruit rosemary, blood orange cardamom, and lemon lavender. 

These delta-8 infused drinks are excellent for consumers looking for a little bit of a higher dosage. While they do offer a light CBD ‘sessions’ version, their classic 1:1 10 milligrams THC:10 milligrams Delta 8 ‘higher vibes’ drinks elevate the vibe just right. They come in lemon ginger, blood-orange bitters, watermelon basil, and lemon hibiscus.

These lemonades are one of the most delicious beverages I’ve come across. They offer indica, sativa, hybrid options in a much heftier 100-milligram dosage. There is one 1:1 CBD choice for users as well, and the experience can be super relaxing. The lemonades are raspberry, black cherry, honey, strawberry hibiscus, and key lime.

The weather outside is still a little chilly, and Kikoko offers lightly dosed herbal tea packets to keep you cozy through the winter. They offer microdose options for any time of the day, uplifting positivi-tea (10mg THC, 5mg CBD), a bedtime tranquili-tea (3mg THC, 5mg CBN), a sexy sensuali-tea (7mg THC), and a comfy sympa-tea (3mg THC, 20mg CBD).

If you love a good soda, these Keef colas will be just for you. The fizzy sweet treats are great on their own or can be added to ice cream to make a delightful float. They come in 10-milligram cans and bottles in flavors: Purple passion, root beer, orange, classic cola, and blue razz. 

These are just a few of many cannabis beverages available on dispensary menus. They should be located in the edible section, but feel free to ask your budtender their beverage selections!