Life is a little strange right now, so what better time to explore something new. In case you didn’t know, Saturday, August 8, is National CBD Day.

The special day, which began in 2018, aims to raise awareness, encourage self-care and introduce everyone to some good sales.

CBD, which the dictionary defines as a nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp, is a new resource in the health and wellness industry, with some studies showing it can ease pain and bring on relaxation. From makeup products and oils to edibles, CBD is giving new hope to those coping with pain.

So maybe you have a relative dealing with arthritis or insomnia issues or know someone who is a foodie and loves to try new flavors. You can gift them a first sample or do a taste test together via Zoom. First, of course, check out your state or country’s laws on CBD, and ask retailers about best practices. In 2018, adult California residents got the green light to partake in recreational use of cannabis.

Actors, athletes and other high-profile folks believe in and tout these products. Of course, Seth Rogen does, all while helping others. It’s clearly a movement with potential!