In the wake of the booming CBD market, more and more consumers choose hemp flowers, rich in CBD, over other over-processed products from the CBD hemp range.

Smoking hemp flowers can have a very soothing effect, and many people are looking to tap into some of those potential health benefits associated with consuming CBD. Others are just into relaxation and love the taste of an herbal smoke without altering consciousness or getting high.

Whether you’re into smoking hemp for CBD health benefits or you think of it as a perfect recreation, smoking hemp buds might just be what you need. Let’s delve deeper into how CBD-friendly smoking really is.

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The Smoking Hemp Trend

It all started back in 2018 when the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal to grow and cultivate. Today, consumers are moving to consume high-CBD hemp flowers rather than other traditional tinctures and CBD oil.

Because there is a wide range of top-quality CBD products available and easily accessible to people worldwide, It’s only common sense that consumers decided to try smoking their CBD buds.

And this is where the one question has arisen: Is smoking hemp flowers a good way to consume CBD?

The majority of these concerned consumers have already witnessed all the fuzz around CBD oil and all the potential therapeutic benefits that go with it. But how about smoking CBD-rich hemp buds? Let’s find out more.

Hemp Flower – A Closer Look

The female hemp cannabis plant produces CBD buds. It is considered to be the essential part of the cannabis plant and the most potent source of the precious phytocannabinoids, including CBD.

CBD can be extracted and processed into a range of different hemp CBD products, most notably, CBD oil. However, in the last couple of years, there is an increasing demand for fresh CBD flowers that is fully smokable.

The plant is rich in CBD, but there are other cannabinoids in hemp buds. While CBD oil can be made from the whole cannabis plant, smokable buds come from hemp flowers only, as they are the most potent source of pure and rich concentrations of CBD. Other cannabinoids include CBC, CBG, CBN, and so on.

While the industrial hemp was mainly bred for producing food, building materials, clothes, seeds, and fiber in the past, modern cultivators use a specific variety of cannabis with low THC and high CBD content for the greatest effect. These varieties help optimize the medicinal value, bringing out the best sides of CBD.

Smoking Hemp Buds – Potential Benefits

According to the consumers of hemp buds, smoking fresh CBD flowers is a real feast for the senses. It has a very distinctive and aromatic taste. Many of these users say it’s the best, most enjoyable way to consume the flower, while it, pretty much, smells, tastes, and looks like marijuana. Let’s see if there are any benefits to smoking hemp.

1. Relaxation

The most significant difference between cannabis and marijuana is that smoking cannabis won’t alter your consciousness or get you high. On the contrary, smoking CBD can be amazingly relaxing, with no psychoactive effects. Unlike THC, CBD leaves the consumer clear-headed.

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2. Quick Results

The most significant benefit of smoking CBD buds is the fact that it starts taking effect almost immediately. Smoking allows the cannabinoids to get into direct contact with the user’s lungs and distribute them all over the body via the bloodstream. The only faster way to get such quick results is by taking CBD intravenously.

Other ways of consuming CBD include edibles and taking CBD sublingually. While other methods eventually provide the wanted effect, smoking CBD flowers is an effective and quick way to calm your mind and body immediately and relax.

3. Higher Bioavailability

Smoking CBD hemp buds significantly increases the bioavailability of the compounds found in hemp. The term refers to the degree and rate at which CBD compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream. The higher the degree and the rate, the more effective the hemp.

The CBD smoking rates of bioavailability can range between 25% and 50%. In other words, smoking CBD allows for faster absorption of the CBD compounds. When compared to other consumption methods, this is rather a great result.

4. It’s Affordable

While THC-rich marijuana is quite expensive and can be accessed in certain countries only, CBD strains containing high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids like terpenes and flavonoids, are much more affordable and accessible.


It all comes down to what you want. And to answer the question – yes, smoking hemp flowers is a good and quite an effective way to get the most out of your CBD. Keep in mind that smoking CBD includes other side effects that are associated with smoking. Other than that, smoking hemp will give you the desired effect, just like any other administration method.