We are a part of a very dynamic world where our social norms are constantly being challenged and redefined. These transformations have touched many areas of social interaction including conventional beauty standards and beauty routines. For example, nowadays people are asking for more organic and all-natural skin-care products.

This demand has given birth to an exciting range of products containing cannabis. Cannabis extracts are getting popular among beauty products because of their perceived holistic therapeutic effects with topical applications. Therefore, even cheap cannabis seeds have become more popular as people look to reap its benefits of the plant. Skin is the largest organ of the body, so it is crucial to keep it safe from bodily reactions and chemicals. Cannabis has been found to provide that all-natural-care to the skin as it contains cannabinoids that exhibit beautifying effects. Let’s check out the adorning qualities of cannabis and the reasons to include it in your beauty routine. 

1.  Controlling the Zits 

Being the largest organ, skin requires an ample of pampering. Unfortunately, many times acne pops up on the face despite all the care efforts that are made to avoid this. You cannot be harsh when dealing with acne, as it damages your skin. Many are turning to the gentle care of cannabis extracts. Multiple factors contribute to acne’s appearance, such as overactive skin glands, disturbed hormones, and infection. Many other factors, like stress and pollution also trigger acne formation. Cannabis oil can be effective in controlling zits as found in these two studies:

  • Research conducted in 2014 has reported that cannabis oil prevents the sebum glands from producing excess oil. As the skin produces less oil, the pores do not clog and lead to infection, resulting in acne. 
  • Another research published in 2016 has reported that cannabis has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which reduce the acne caused by infection.

2.  Relief from the Inflammation

Scientists, as well as ordinary people, have been admiring the benefits of cannabis for ages. Cannabis has been known to relieve chronic pain from inflammation, which is one of the core reasons it is consumed. Inflammation is the result of immune cells causing damage to other cells of the body. It is also the leading cause of most skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.

Cannabinoids, a chemical found in marijuana with their anti-inflammatory properties, alleviate inflammation. A compound derived from cannabis named cannabidiol (CBD) oil can rectify the abnormal reaction by stimulating the correct receptors in the brain. Receptors like CB1 and CB2 act in response to CBD, thereby reducing the inflammation. In other words, CBD may help to reduce skin inflammation signs like redness, pain, bumps, and itching.

3.  Reversing the Damage caused by Time

Although aging is inevitable, many internal and external factors accelerate it. As a result, signs of aging like crow’s feet and crease lines start appearing way before you might expect. Indeed, you can bring some changes in your daily routine to help slow them down; however, having a practical solution like utilizing products with cannabis can make this process much easier.

CBD from cannabis extracts possesses antioxidant properties, which are known to guard your skin from free radical damage. CBD triggers CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain to minimize the accumulation of free radicals. The decreasing of free radicals from the body tends to lead to diminishing signs of aging.

The Omega-6 from the cannabis oil can make your skin lustrous and give it a youthful look. Moreover, CBD may improve facial muscles and makes them more supple. All these improvements are known to reduce the wrinkles on your face. Thus, the antioxidants activity of cannabis may help you to reduce the signs of aging like blemishes, lines, and dark circles.

4.  Enhancing the Quality of Hair

Everyone is gifted with limited strands of hair. With time, even these limited strands start thinning. It is unfortunate, but it is true. Moreover, the pollution and the changing climate make things worse for our precious hair. The strands become brittle, dry, and weak. The last straw is all the chemicals present in shampoos and other hair products. Prolonged exposure to them further degrades the quality of our hair.

However, you can add the help of cannabis oil to your hair as well. Cannabis is a boon to your hair as it can help to improve its texture. But to understand how this happens, you first need to understand the importance of Omega Fatty Acid. These acids are essential fats that our body cannot make; we obtain them from different sources like fish, nuts, seeds, etc. Cannabis oil improves the absorption of omega fatty acids by the scalp.

The increased absorption of Omega 9 makes the hair bouncy and shiny, whereas Omega 6 maintains the moisture of the scalp by protecting it from sunlight. Besides, CBD oil contains calcium and magnesium that can decrease dandruff and inflammation of the scalp. Lastly, CBD oil is loaded with amino acids that can supply proteins to the hair. This is known to help improve the quality of hair with an increased level of keratin.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants flawless skin and gorgeous hair. A few of us hit the genetic jackpot while others simply work their ways to it. But the right way should be free from harmful chemicals and include cannabis oil as it is a natural way to improve hair and skin quality. Including it in your beauty routine should give you good results and maintain them in the long run.