U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions calls a Department of Justice intern who questions his judgment that marijuana was not a healthy substance, “Dr. whatever your name is,” in a video obtained by ABC News.

ABC News filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the full recording of the June 2017 Q&A session between the attorney general and DOJ interns after seeing a cellphone video of the event. In it, Sessions fields tough questions from an intern corps that clearly does not see eye-to-eye with his positions and priorities, from policing and LGBTQ protections, to marijuana policy.

“You support pretty harsh policies for marijuana and pretty lax gun control laws — I’m not even sure where you stand on the assault weapons ban,” an intern asks Sessions. “So I’d like to know, since guns kill more people than marijuana, why lax laws one versus the other?”

Sessions starts laughing at the intern’s question before she can finish.

Watch below to see the exchange between Sessions and the DOJ intern who questioned his stance on marijuana.

This article was first published at TheCannabist.co.

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