Remember when we told you that marijuana-infused alcohol seemed like a sure thing in the near future?

And then when we told you not long after that that, well, the federal government might have a little something to say about that possibility?

Looks like the states might want to weigh on that soon, and the result could be that your Marijuanartini (we’re working on a recipe, promise) may be a little harder to get.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that the state’s Liquor Control Commission, which is also responsible for regulating the state’s marijuana industry, has instituted a ban on marijuana-infused alcohol. The ban would exempt alcohol that used industrial hemp that does not contain THC or CBD.

“The labeling on alcohol generally is done by the feds,” commission director Steve Marks told OPB.  “We don’t do that here in Oregon. So they’re not approving levels with the Schedule I THC products in them. Same for now, CBDs, which the federal government recently made Schedule I as well.”

At least you might still have a chance to toke up at your favorite bar. Maybe.

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