The numbers are in, and if you assumed that California is just a cannabis-besotted landscape where pot smokers are on almost every corner, well … you’re not completely wrong, but you’re not completely right, either.

Real estate app Estately has used an index of pot laws, self-reported users, prices, Internet searches and more to determine which states are the most “marijuana-enthused” in the nation.

Topping the list: Colorado. Not a huge surprise, since it was one of the first two states to vote to legalize recreational pot use (The other, Washington state, comes in at #2).

California comes in at #8, a respectable entry on a list of 50 but one that will probably hurt the ego of many in the Golden State, which is used to be recognized around the world as one of the United States’ crown jewels.

(Californians: Smoke more. Then Google “marijuana” while you’re high. We can get to #1 next year.)

The Golden State gets points taken off for not having legalized recreational marijuana yet (Jan. 1, 2018), and having only the 13th-most cannabis users as a percentage of the state’s population (it’ll be tough to get much higher than that, considering that California is the most populous state in the union).

California ranked eighth in marijuana-related Google searches, and 13th in expressing interest in marijuana-related publications on Facebook. (You, gentle reader, could always help the state climb in that ranking by, ahem, liking The Cannifornian on Facebook and following us on Twitter.)

Bringing up the rear in the survey: North Dakota, which just legalized medical marijuana last year. Voters may be asked to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana in the 2018 election. Most of the bottom 10 are Southern and midwestern states.

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