There was an interesting study about cannabis and alcohol consumption recently conducted by a team out of the University of Colorado at Boulder. In their findings, they concluded that cannabis consumption may decrease alcohol intake by individuals being treated for alcohol abuse.

The relationship between alcohol use in conjunction with cannabis is one that has been questioned for several years. Many research studies have been conducted to better understand the connection between these two substances; how use of one substance may affect the increase or decrease in use of the other.  In this specific study, researchers aimed to understand the effects of same day weed consumption on quantity of drinks consumed.  The researchers also focused on the probability of binge drinking on days when cannabis is also being used. 

From 2016 to 2020, 96 individuals who were seeking alcohol treatment while also consuming cannabis submitted data regarding their cannabis consumption along side alcohol usage. The study concluded that in general the subjects drank 1.05 fewer drinks on the days that cannabis was used.  Also, on days when cannabis was used among the test subjects, they were 2.06 times less likely to binge drink. It also appears that cannabis usage increased on days when subjects did not drink.

Many may argue that the findings of this study just show that individuals with substance dependency are only replacing one habit with another. More long-term as well as larger studies will need to be done. This will provide a better understanding of the relationship between people who are attempting to stop drinking while also consuming cannabis.