In 2017, people used the app Eaze to order marijuana deliveries every 10 seconds – a 200 percent increase from the year before.

That’s one of the findings included in a new report put out by Eaze, a San Francisco-based technology company created by a Tustin native.

The report draws insights from the behavior of more than 350,000 Eaze consumers across California, noting trends such as a 19 percent annual increase in the number of baby boomers ordering marijuana and a 12 percent spike in sales on Inauguration Day.

The report showed that Bay Area and San Diego markets reported the most increases in sales. Areas of Los Angeles had average sales and Orange County had one of the lowest year-over-year increases in California.

The data is based on medical marijuana sales, since recreational sales didn’t become legal until Jan. 1. But, with California’s medical marijuana industry so notoriously loose, it’s expected that much of these trends will carry over to the new legal recreational market.

Here’s a look at more findings included in the annual report on marijuana consumer trends in California.

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