You’ve all heard the joke setup. One web video producer decided to take it a step further.

In a new video reminiscent of WatchCut Video’s stone-cold classic “Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time,” a priest, a rabbi and an atheist get together to smoke cannabis, share some laughs and have a discussion about the nature of religion and spirituality.

OK, so the setup for the joke is usually a priest, a rabbi and a nun. Pope Francis may be a little more liberal than some of his recent predecessors, but we haven’t heard him endorsing weed yet, so the filmmakers may have had to compromise a little

As WatchCut is proving, gathering groups of people who you wouldn’t expect to smoke weed together and having them smoke weed is YouTube gold. Taken from just after the 2016 election, here’s a Hillary Clinton supporter, a Jill Stein supporter and a Donald Trump supporter all smoking together, and they managed to find … a little unity, sort of?

In the video, Rabbi Jim Morel and Espiscopal priest Chris Schuler — who both say their most recent marijuana use was as teens — are joined by Carlos Diller, a self-described “conservative homosexual atheist” and frequent smoker. They get some bong rips in before passing around a joint, hold court on God, atheism, and the Bible, and use their leftovers to engage in an impromptu Ash Wednesday blessing.

It’s a great way to spend a few minutes. Fire it up.