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“I can’t believe it’s pot butter!”

That’s what you’ll be saying after trying this recipe, provided by the kind and extremely knowledgeable folks at Elemental Wellness Center, the San Jose medical marijuana collective that has been named the best dispensary in Silicon Valley by readers of Metro — the weekly newspaper that serves the area — every year since 2011.

Side note: In addition to providing expertise and a plethora of pot-related products at 985 Timothy Drive in San Jose, Elemental recently became the first collective in the city to gain approval for a medical marijuana delivery service.

Cannabutter is a staple — an essential ingredient for cooking with cannabis. And as it turns out, it’s not hard to make. You’ll be using things you might have lying around the house already — among them are butter, scissors, cheesecloth and high-quality herb.

But before you go slathering this stuff on bread, popcorn and the like, a word of caution: Use cannabutter in small amounts, and let time pass before having an additional serving. Cannabis can affect everyone differently, so it’s important to be gradual (especially if it’s your first time using edibles) — although the greatest threat to your body may be the calorie count.

Lastly, of course, don’t go operating heavy machinery after consuming.

This is not Land O Lakes, after all.


Makes 1/4 cup

2 cups water, plus more as needed

2 grams cannabis flowers (20% THC)

1 stick organic unsalted butter

  1. To clarify butter, melt in a double boiler on medium heat until a foamy white layer forms and you hear a crackling noise. Using a spoon, skim foamy top layer off. Butter should be clear yellow at this point.
  2. Meanwhile, cut up cannabis flowers using scissors in a paper cup (can use herb grinder or pestle and mortar). Remove any remaining stems.
  3. Turn heat down to low. Put ground cannabis into clarified butter. Infuse at low heat 2 to 4 hours.
  4. Strain butter mixture through 4 to 5 pieces of cheesecloth into a small bowl. Squeeze the cheesecloth to get all of the butter out. Put butter in refrigerator for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, until firm.

Keep cannabutter for up to three months, or freeze for one year.

Warning: Consume very small amounts of cannabutter over time. Use and consume in edible recipes as directed. For spreading cannabutter on toast, pancakes, mashed potatoes and more, use no more than 1 teaspoon every 2 hours.

— Recipe courtesy of Chris Johnson, Elemental Wellness Center, San Jose