Developed in Cuba centuries ago, the mojito is a drink made from rum, sugar, lime, and mint. The word mojito derives from the African word mojo, which means to cast a little spell. Ernest Hemingway brought mojitos from Havana to Key West, Florida, in the 1950s, but the cocktail was a sleeper until it showed up in the 2002 James Bond movie “Die Another Day.” Since then, the mojito has been showing up on cocktail menus worldwide, in delightful variations from frozen to dirty (made with raw sugar).

[related_articles location=”right” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-section” curated_ids=””]Andie Leon makes her refreshing version with two ounces of cannabis-infused light rum and two ounces of coconut rum, coconut palm sugar, coconut water, and coconut milk. She crushes the lime, mint, and coconut palm sugar into two highballs using a wooden pestle (you can use the back of an ice cream scooper if you don’t have a pestle), then fills the glasses with ice and pours in the rums and finishes with a splash of coconut water and a splash of coconut milk. Coconuts are a delicious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, giving Andie’s mojito a nutritional boost.

For her simple rum infusion, Andie combines an eighth of an ounce of cured, decarboxylated cannabis flowers with a 500-milliliter bottle of light rum, which is more adaptable to infused flavors than dark rum, and lets it sit for at least a week.

Serves 2

Cannabis coconut mojito.
(Povy Kendal Atchison photo)

1 fresh lime, cut into small pieces
10 mint leaves, no stems
2 tablespoons coconut palm sugar
2 ounces cannabis-infused light rum
2 ounces coconut rum
Ice cubes
Splash of coconut water
1 young coconut
1⁄2 cup of light coconut milk or coconut cream
2 teaspoons dehydrated unsweetened coconut flakes
Wooden pestle or ice cream scooper
2 highball glasses

  1. Divide lime, mint, and coconut palm sugar evenly into 2 highball glasses.
  2. Grind with a wooden pestle or ice cream scooper for approximately 30 seconds for each glass.
  3. Fill glasses with ice and pour 1 ounce of cannabis- infused rum and 1 ounce of coconut rum into each.
  4. Add a splash of coconut water and a splash of coconut milk. Add a teaspoon of coconut flakes to each glass.
  5. Mix thoroughly. Serve.

This recipe is taken from Robyn Griggs Lawrence’s “The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook,” which is a collection of recipes from top cannabis chefs. Here are more recipes from the book:

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