An upcoming film aims to tell the story of the rapid growth of the “designer” marijuana market in America, according to a new report.

Variety reports that the film, tentatively titled “Packs,” is being developed by San Francisco native Berner, a rapper and marijuana entrepreneur who has his own production company, Bigger Business Entertainment. Berner has reportedly hired Daniel Ragussis, who wrote and directed last year’s “Imperium,” to direct the crime thriller. Francisco Ordoñez, who worked with Ragussis on “Imperium” and is developing his own first feature film, “Asher,” will write the screenplay.

Berner, who also owns medical marijuana dispensaries Cookies SF in San Francisco, Collective Efforts in Sacramento, and H2C Cookies 707 in Vallejo, told Variety:

“We made whole markets go from buying Mexican weed for $40/ounce to buying Cali shit for $400/ounce. It was like the coke wave of the ’70s and ’80s, and Northern California was a major part of it. With prohibition coming to an end, it’s only right to let the world know how it all really went down.”

Ragussis told Variety that “Berner has the ability to provide an exclusive and authentic view of the designer marijuana smuggling trade, a gritty, cinematic world we’ve never seen on screen before.”

The film is still in development, and no tentative release date has been set. Check out the trailer for Ragussis’ first film, “Imperium,” about an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a violent white supremacist group:

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