Outside Lands unveiled its new Grass Lands area on Aug. 10, which, according to a news release, makes it “the first major U.S. music festival to have a curated cannabis experience.”

Interested parties got the chance to check out the area during Day One of the three-day festival, which continues through Aug. 12 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and see all the cannabis themed/related products on display.

No, people weren’t actually allowed to use or purchase pot onsite at Grass Lands. And smoking is not allowed anywhere in Golden Gate Park — something that organizers reminded people through signage. But “budtenders” and representatives of major cannabis companies were on hand to talk about their services and products.

Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly, co-producers of Outside Lands, was excited to have Grass Lands join the festival’s many other themed areas, such as Wine Lands and Beer Lands.

“Much the way that Wine Lands celebrates Napa and Sonoma as the leaders in U.S. wine production, Grass Lands will shine a light on the area’s importance as pioneers in the cannabis world,” said Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly, co-producers of Outside Lands.

“With recreational marijuana now legal in California, there is so much to discover. We are excited to be the first major festival in the country to offer attendees the chance to learn about the latest in cannabis development,” Farman says.

For more information, visit www.sfoutsidelands.com.