Yes, you can now smoke weed in California without a medical card thanks to Proposition 64. And if you’re just starting to dabble with dabs, here are some resources (aside from yours truly) that are worth making a favorite.

  1. Weedmaps

The name says it all. Put in your location and Weedmaps finds dispensaries and services for you. And since everyone likes saving money, Weedmaps also has deals on doobies, edibles and more.

  1.  High Times

High Times is the Cadillac of pot publications. The magazine started in 1974. Its website has national news and can even help you find pot along with telling you prices. The High Times Cannabis Cup is pretty much the Academy Awards for marijuana, too.

  1. Grass City

Speaking of buying things, now that it’s legal, you might want to buy a bong or a bubbler. Grass City has all kinds of equipment. They top out around $899 for some of the most expensive ones but a basic bong can be had for $14.99.

There’s also a wealth of knowledge in the Grass City forums. One of the funniest threads is the best names for bongs. Among our favorites are Billy Bong Thornton and Bongsasaurus Flex.

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana

Want to grow marijuana? This site offers expert guides, harvesting tips and more.  It even comes with a downloadable grow guide.

  1. Leafly

Leafly has a ton of useful information. One of the best parts of the site is the reviews of the various strains from Leafly users, and it’s tailored to your location. There are also plenty of how-to guides, like how to tell the quality of your cannabis by looking at it.

Are there other websites that are your go-to resource for all things pot related? Share them in the comments below.