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We’ve been working on something special and we are excited to finally be able to share our first podcast with everyone (while offering a special thanks to Caliva for being our sponsor)!

Meet Our Host – Kevin Fermin:

Host Kevin Fermin

Kevin is a cannabis enthusiast and professional with over ten years of cannabis experience. Starting off as a trimmer at the age of 18 Kevin quickly became enamored with the cannabis plant and its medicinal effects along with the change of perception brought along with consumption.  Soon he moved into the retail space and fell in love with the satisfaction of providing the public with alternative methods of pain and psychiatric management.

Meet our Guest Host – Betty Blazed:

Betty Blazed
(Via Instagram @bettyblazed)

Betty is a cannabis influencer and advocate on Instagram and The WeedTube. You also may have seen her on TikTok as @thatbishbetty! But besides all that, she is just a girl who enjoys getting high, geeking out and talking your ear off about weed. Her love for Mary Jane has been growing for a while now. Before moving out to Southern California, she lived in both Oregon & Hawaii; two unique climates for growing cannabis and cultivating her knowledge. When she made the move to California, her eyes were opened wide by the cannabis scene here! “It’s a new wave, and I want to ride it!” she thought. “I wanted to be part of something big, to help educate and guide others, all while doing what I love most, smoking weed!”

Enjoy listing to Kevin and Betty on our first podcast – The Cannifornian Podcast!

Listen in as they discuss fun, safe and educational information to learn about and stay up to date on the cannabis and CBD industry. For upcoming podcasts, we’ll continue to do a deep dive into legalization, health and wellness benefits, culture, and much more!

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