Gather ’round, young people: There was a time when Apple was known strictly for computers — and beige, rectangular ones at that. Before they put music in your older siblings’ pockets with the iPod and the entire Internet in your own pocket with the iPhone, that is.

With rumors flying about an Apple TV, an Apple car, and a bevy of other options that suggest that executives think the company’s future is in becoming a consumer products behemoth, a new possibility has appeared: Vaping.

Digital Trends reports that a 2016 patent filing may indicate that Apple plans to break into the vape market. The application for a patent on a “sublimator/vaporizer” specifies that the device is intended to be used “to receive therein a substance that is to be vaporized or sublimated into a vapor” through high temperature. Could that substance be tobacco? Marijuana? Black turtlenecks?

Digital Trends notes that developer Mark Williams, who had previously worked for the company on the MacOS user interface, had left the company to co-develop the FireFly vaporizer, a product that reflects Apple’s streamlined design philosophy — and its premium prices.

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