Certainly, cannabis users are used to the feeling of having used pot but not wanted to go about their day smelling like it.

But what about the other way around — wanting to smell like marijuana without having used it?

LA Weekly reports that a Southern-California-based entrepreneur is working on a line of weed-scented fragrances. The key, though, is that Killian Wells is aiming for the smell of cannabis flowers, not smoke.

Wells, a pop singer and the founder of fragrance company Xyrena, tells LA Weekly that “I’ve always liked the smell of bud when I would go to a dispensary, and I thought it was interesting that cannabis buyers really based their opinion of the quality of the cannabis on the fragrance itself.”

Xyrena already has a leap on unusual fragances — their site advertises scents like “Basic Bitch,” “Pool Boy,” and “Andy Kaufman Milk & Cookies.” The “Reefer Madness” collection takes inspiration from three classic strains: OG Kush, Blue Dream and Space Cakes.

There’s no cannabis in the perfumes, in the same way that “Pool Boy” doesn’t have any actual pool boys in it. Wells told LA Weekly that he researched specific terpenes —the chemical compounds that give marijuana plants their smell — in each strain and tried to match those compounds using natural, cannabis-free oils.

The Xyrena website describes Blue Dream as a “signature sweet blueberry aroma with just a hint of skunk (evolving) into an earthy pepper scent,” while the OG Kush is “sour lemon and pine aroma (drying) down to an earthy cedar fragrance with a hint of burnt rubber.” Space Cake uses a “proprietary cannabutter base with notes of salted butter, cannabis trimmings, earth, a slight skunk scent, and genuine cedar essential oil.”

The fragrances retail for $74.20 each (GET IT?). Wells even released a music video promoting the line:

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