It may complicate your plans to use java as a wake-up device, but there’s a new product on the horizon for fans of both cannabis and caffeine: Cold-brewed marijuana-infused coffee.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that S.F.-based Ritual Coffee Roasters is partnering with marijuana-products startup firm Somatik to create a new cold-brew coffee product for sale in local dispensaries.

“There’s no replacement for a joint and a cup of coffee,” Christopher Schroeder, the founder of Somatik, told the Chronicle. He added that the new drink “gives me a more balanced feel between my mind and my body, so I don’t feel as ‘cerebral’ as when I smoke a joint. It’s functional. It does make me feel light and fun, but also relaxed and very much in my body still.”

Combining marijuana and coffee isn’t a totally new move: Firms like Brewbudz and Jane’s Brew are already selling marijuana-infused coffee products for Keurig coffeemakers and other brewing methods. Somatik’s coffee will come in 8-ounce bottles that each contain 15 milligrams of THC.

Schroder told the Chronicle that the beans for the new coffee line came from Gigante, in western Colombia, and give the coffee “kind of a chocolatey flavor … (with) some top notes of citrus and currant.” The marijuana in the brew is chosen from several hybrid strains which are grown outdoors, with the THC pulled from the plant using carbon dioxide extraction.

Somatik Featuring Ritual Coffee will be available at Harvest dispensary’s two San Francisco locations and Magnolia Wellness in Oakland.