By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

Hashish – or hash, is a form of cannabis concentrate known for its potency. To make this concentrate, bulbous sticky glands, called trichomes, are removed from the plant through a sifting method. They are collected to make resin or kief then tightly compressed to create the hash. 

The compacted trichomes are what make hash so strong. Terpenes and cannabinoids fill these trichomes. They are two components that help to determine the effects and strength of the high you get. So by removing the trichomes from the excess plant material and then condensing them down, you get a product that you need much less of to achieve a more intense high.

Hash has been around for thousands of years. There is documentation of its existence dating back to 900 AD. Since then, we’ve found many other ways to extract and manipulate cannabis matter to achieve more potent concentrates.

Traditional hash is usually a dry light powder consistency, known as dry sift hash. But it is also found as live hand-rolled, ice water, or bubble hash. Also, depending on the exaction method, it can be seen as variations like shatter, wax, crumble, or budder. 

Hash is great to smoke on its own or as an addition to your flower. You can sprinkle it on top of your flower in a bowl or inside a joint. You can also dab it or add it directly to a hot beverage. The heat will activate those cannabis compounds. 

Try adding it to your next sesh to elevate the experience!