Pivot Pharmaceuticals, a Vancouver-based biopharmaceutical company, has leased a manufacturing facility in Costa Mesa that will act as the U.S. headquarters for its medical marijuana subsidiary Pivot Naturals, according to a statement.

Details on the address were not available as of Friday, May 25, but the company said the building falls in the city’s Measure X medical marijuana zone.

The company, which is seeking a marijuana business permit from the city, will use the facility for wholesale medical marijuana distributing, manufacturing, processing and transporting as well as research and development and testing laboratories.

Pivot Naturals makes powdered cannabis products such as food additives, capsules, bulk powder and stick packs. Topical creams and oral solutions also will be produced in Costa Mesa, the company said.

“I expect that we will receive the necessary local and state manufacturing licenses in July 2018 and complete production equipment installation by August 2018,” said Patrick J. Rolfes, president of Pivot Naturals.

Their products should be on dispensaries shelves in California by the end of the year, Rolfes said.

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