When you go into your local dispensary, you’re probably not thinking about design and decor. Do they have my strain in stock? How’s the price? Do they have those gummies I like? Am I going to be able to get to the produce market before they close? Did I set the DVR to record that repeat of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”?

Depending on where you’re going to buy, however, you might be in a palace of pot. Architectural Digest has ranked seven of the best-designed marijuana dispensaries in the United States, and California came in with three of the top 7 picks.

(Courtesy of the Apothecarium)

San Francisco’s Apothecarium came out on top, and it’s not hard to see why. A big space dominated by contrasting shades, cool art on the walls, plenty of lighting and interesting displays, the Apothecarium looks like a cafe space at a museum, your secret study spot where you don’t get much done because you’re just relaxing and enjoying the space.

Another S.F. dispensary, Grass Roots, also placed on the list: It’s got an earthy-green vibe, with plenty of plants lining the walls and a big, beautiful wood bar/display case. (In another universe, the space feels like a bartender with a waxed mustache and suspenders should be offering you an Old-Fashioned with a housemade tincture of blood orange.)

San Jose’s Caliva rounds out the list, with a bright, comfortable-looking space that eschews the typical Marley/lava lamp decor. Caliva also features an on-site growing laboratory and encourages customers to linger before or after making their purchase, Architectural Digest says.

To see the full list, head over to ArchitecturalDigest.com.