The coronavirus shutdown is adding extra layers of stress, worry and uncertainty for individuals and families throughout the Bay Area. As thousands of residents hunker down, home deliveries and curbside pickups are more critical than ever, especially for those who rely on incorporating cannabis items into a daily routine that often includes coping with aches, pains, and anxiety. Many people even use cannabis to unwind at the end of a long day, similar to a glass of Merlot, but without all the calories and potential impending grogginess.

Customer safety is critically important during this difficult situation, which is why Caliva is putting extra focus on home delivery and curbside pickups.

Delivery direct from store to doorstep

The coronavirus shutdown is reinforcing the importance of delivery services like Amazon, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, but are you aware that the same delivery is available for all your cannabis needs?

One of the best reasons to have your favorite products dropped off at your home is convenience — especially if you live in a location where dispensaries are few and far between. How easy is it to order online? You can place your order on before preparing dinner, and it will arrive as you’re loading the last of your plates and utensils into the dishwasher.

Another advantage of delivery is discretion. Maybe you’re not quite comfortable going to a dispensary regardless of its distance from your home. There’s no need to worry. Your products will arrive in discreet packaging accompanied by a smiling staff member.

Curbside pickup

Dispensaries are deemed an essential business even as residents shelter, and extra precautions are currently in place to ensure you have access to hundreds of products in the safest manner possible.

The next time you’re out and about during a food or medication run, swing by the Caliva brick and mortar store after placing your order online, and a team member will meet you curbside to complete the transaction using the newly implemented “no-contact” transaction process (learn more here). Just select “Curbside Pickup” when checking out online.

Not only will curbside pickup save you time, but also it encourages social distancing and minimizes the risk of passing the virus.

Relax and unwind without the wine

It’s a stressful time for the Bay Area. College students are learning from home. Mom and dad are trying to balance working from the dining room table while taking care of children. No matter what your situation might be, sheltering is responsible for a plethora of challenges.

During these stressful times, you might reach for that extra glass of wine or beer at the end of a long day. Although it acts as a relaxing agent, a standard glass of wine has around 125 calories, while beer features approximately 215. Those extra calories will compound over the long run, not to mention the mental fog that could linger the following day.

Products offered on can replace your bottles of booze and provide an outlet for stress without packing on the pounds. These days, cannabis products are available in so many different varieties and formats that they, too, can fit into many people’s coping regimens. For example, Caliva sells peace-inducing teas you can sip on at night before hitting the hay.

The right products for you

All of the products in the Caliva store are available to order online for free delivery. If flower is your preference, Caliva features a massive collection of high-quality indica, sativa and hybrid products. No experience with cannabis plants and rolling papers? No problem. Preroll items are available to make life as easy as possible. You can even bring home a lighter.

The product options are practically limitless. Customers plagued by tension or sleeping troubles have commonly incorporated indica edibles, CBD tinctures and other CBD products as part of their standard daily regimen. And did you know that the world-famous beer crafter, Lagunitas Brewing Company, has an alcohol-free, cannabis and hops sparkling beverage? With summer just around the corner, this calorie-free and refreshing beverage is the perfect antidote to blazing-hot afternoons.If you’re not sure which products are right for you, the knowledgeable staff will ensure you get what you need. Just give them a call or contact Caliva through the website.

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