Care by Design is well-known for its commitment to quality ingredients and quality results. The proprietary CBD-rich 1:1 formula makes it possible to manage and relieve debilitating pain, comfort stressed nervous systems, and to do so consistently with every dose.

Care by Design CBD-Rich 1:1 Sublingual Drops.

This 1:1 ratio means it’s an equal blend of CBD and THC, which is all cleanly extracted and triple lab tested. The tincture itself has a deep golden color, and is a balanced blend of terpene-forward flavor and coconut oil base. It is silky in texture and super easy to consume.

For those who are more sensitive to THC, this tincture’s potency may produce mild psychoactivity, making it a better companion for nighttime use. I found the 1:1 an appropriate tincture for the evening, and I recommend taking this tincture one to two hours before you’d like to fall asleep. Keep it close by in case you need to supplement your microdose throughout the evening.

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It also acts as a powerful analgesic, so it also helps with chronic pain and inflammation. At the time of my half-dropper dose, I had a persistent headache, which faded after taking this formula. Care by Design offers five different ratios, as well as sublingual sprays, so a higher CBD:THC ratio is likely a better fit for daytime anxiety and other mood issues. But for those looking to relieve inflammation and/or sleep, and perhaps wean off of pharmaceuticals, Care By Design’s 1:1 is wonderful.

The wrap: Strong medicine that’s best taken at night and effective for mild to severe symptom alleviation, particularly for chronic pain and sleep disturbance.

Care by Design CBD-Rich 1:1 Sublingual Drops

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Flavor: 8 out of 10

Price: $22-25 for 5 ml bottle; $44-50 for 15 ml

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