Budtenders can be a literal-minded lot. Any request for what’s new in the way of product will likely cause one to uncork the very latest skunky fresh batch of Blue Dream or Purple Urkle or Master Kush for your nasal delectation. Commonly the proffered stuff smells very new indeed, but a recent trip to a dispensary in a sketchy part of town drew an unusually conspiratorial response to the question.

The counter-guy winked knowingly and produced a giant red and orange hunk of the above-mentioned dank from out of the indica section. Dubious, I bought it anyway, did some due-diligence research and found this strain is so new as to have never been reviewed or even mentioned. Stats (even bogus-sounding ones) are non-existent.

The strain’s name indicates kinship with other simian-named strains like Grape Ape or the wildly popular Gorilla Glue No. 4,  or might just mean that naming your weed after primates is the going thing this year. In any event, subjective effects from rigorous reduction of this monkey-monikered nug were pleasantly indicalike. Trippy imaginings, a suddenly cheery disposition and long-lasting head high were three of the more noticeable effects, and a reviewer may always gauge the effectiveness of good indica by how slow one’s typing speed becomes. Upped some fractions of a point for the sheer dogged persistence of buzz.

Orangutan Juice

Price: $10/gram



The wrap: May well be the next rung on the weed evolutionary ladder.

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