A dynamic and snarling superstar actor since his career-making performances in The Godfather movies and Dog Day Afternoon, this iconically tense and nervy Oscar winner is perhaps best-known today for his hysterically villainous Tony Montana in the Brian De Palma version of Scarface. This 1983 film has been namechecked and cross-referenced often in art, gamer, and hip-hop subcultures.

Al Pacino OG marijuana flowers. (Ron Garmon photo)

Posters of a powder-flaked or bloodsoaked Tony Montana staring at patrons are a familiar sight in dispensaries as a reminder of the dank’s outlaw past and quasi-legal present. Fans of seventies cop movies will also remember the scene in Serpico in which his undercover cop tokes up.

So, once you’ve stuffed him in the pipe, how does the great actor smoke? Well, like many other worthy descendants of OG Kush, this shit hits heavy and at once, rendering the third toke of my standard Three Hit Test of mainly academic interest.

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The stuff is quite flavorful and easy to smoke, with the citrus-y nose of the raw bud betraying maybe a slight preponderance of sativa terpenes. The buzz inflicted by this cut is one of those high-energy, near-paranoid jags that can lead either to megalomania or the munchies, more likely the latter as the typical stoner will sit Cheeto-smeared before doing anything rash.

Al Pacino OG

Price: $15/gram

The Wrap: Like Scarface, this is a fast elevator to the top. Unlike what happened to Tony Montana, it’s a gentle glide down.

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