By Rebecca Victoria Olmos | Correspondent

Using cannabis for period pain isn’t anything new. There’s a long history of doctors using ganja to help relieve menstruation-related issues dating back to Queen Victoria’s time. Since then, scientists have learned that cannabis is naturally anti-inflammatory and can help reduce pain, which may be why it became an alternative form of pain relief.

So how does one start to use cannabis to help alleviate period pains?

  • CBD or THC?

The time of the month affects a woman’s cannabis tolerance. Tolerance in women tends to be much higher in general, so I’d amp up the dosage a bit during your period. Both are CBD and THC can be effective, start where you’re comfortable.

  • Stay Classic

Smoking cannabis flower is know as the quickest way to experience relief. You’ll should feel the effects within 10 to 15 minutes. If you haven’t tried smoking CBD flower or prerolls (preferably bought a dispensary over the hemp variety), I highly recommend it.

  • Make it self-care

Try a cannabis-infused bath bomb! These are a fantastic way to enjoy a soothing bath. Soak your lower half in some lavender, THC goodness and ease those lower body aches and pains.

  • Lather up

Topicals can be a great way to experience relief without the commitment to getting high. I like to lather my lower back and belly with a combo THC/CBD lotion or balm.

  • Don’t be afraid of suppositories

Let’s get the cannabis directly where it needs to be. Cannabis-infused suppositories can help alleviate painful cramps. I have tried these, they are a bit messy but adequate for my cramps, and I slept comfortably. I didn’t get high, but some people report feeling intoxicated.

  • A little treat might do the trick

Don’t forget about our good friend, edibles! If you’re already prone to chocolate cravings, try out one with some mary jane in it to ease some of your discomforts.

One study of women surveyed found that 85 percent said they had used cannabis for menstrual pain. Almost 90 percent of these women said it was effective at relieving the pain. So if you’re looking for some extra relief during that special time of the month, give cannabis a try.