Because of its relatively low price and renowned blasting power, this tasty indica-heavy hybrid becomes ever scarcer. A Medical Cannabis Cup Winner, Sherbet’s presence in dispensaries is oft-sporadic and those on the hunt should be prepared to search the no-budget fringes of their local scene.

Sherbet’s noble ancestors include Girl Scout Cookies, Pink Panties, and Durban Poison, so the buzz is pedigreed and deliciously predictable – sharp visuals, instantaneous relaxation and pain displacement, fits of giggles and a pleasant head-spinning rush. Sherbet’s bouquet is sharp and skunky and the strain’s THC content ranges from the upper teens to lower twenties, with the graybeard fuzz on my dose indicating a skull-rattlingly high percentage.

Fans rave over the flavor and my own taste for the sharp intake and piney exhale was sharpened by recently having quit tobacco. So, consumption of just under a half-gram was ridiculously easy and soon wrapped a fine-meshed gauze around my consciousness. Subjective effects were pleasantly disorientating but, compared to other Cookies strains, somewhat short-lived, producing a wide-awake high probably best used at a concert, waiting at the DMV or even sitting through an otherwise-numbing 16mm movie screening in some microcinema without seat cushions or even seats.

Sunset Sherbet



Price: $12/gram

The wrap: Another superb Cookies offshoot good for hours of mood elevation and sparkling visuals.