King of our nighttime world and a High Times “Strain of the Year,” this is the signature strain of the City of Angels. You’ll find LAC in about half the better-run dispensaries and often enough in the seedy storefronts wedged in certain downtown, Silverlake, and Hollywood adjacent neighborhoods.

Allegedly pure Afghan indica, this occasionally shows up as Afghan Bombay Kush on some menus and usually isn’t one of the cheaper items either. Like XXX and Gorilla Glue, LAC doesn’t stay very long on shelves and it took three unsuccessful tries before I scored. This stuff is dark green with big splotches of red and reeks of funky pine.

A single monstrous bud with two nuggets and a scattering of dust from a gold bottle were what I found. A time crunch kept me from testing under normal home conditions so I took the bottle of LAC with me on a long and footsore strain hunt through downtown L.A.’s labyrinthine Fashion District. On this far scrim of gentrification and wholesale commerce lay a scattered three-dozen- odd weed shops and I walked through five or six, reeking of LAC and tolerated by kindly staff.

The weed hit very hard and made all the pain incumbent upon wearers of Doc Martens vanish. From DNA Genetics, LAC is richly and familiarly gnarly to the lungs as kushes usually are, so ganja oldtimers will know exactly what’s about to kick their ass.

L.A. Confidential

Price: $15.00/gram



The Wrap: What Southern California dreaming tastes like.