It’s time to get gifty! The Cannifornian is here to help with some ideas that range from the expensive to the edible.

Luxury cannabis accoutrements

Heighten your senses by adding a touch of luxury to that relaxing scent already wafting through the house. These products will not only elevate your mood, but also bring a bit of enlightenment to your puffing experience.

Plan a canna-trip

Californians don’t need to venture far to find 420-friendly escapes, with weed-powered yoga sessions, festivals and retreats popping up throughout the Golden State. But for travelers in search of more far-flung adventure, there are a growing number of states and countries where cannabis is tolerated if not embraced.

Presents for your pets

As Californians, we have easy access to medical marijuana if we need it. But if your canine or cat needs some cannabis, there are plenty for primo products on the market for them, too.

Storage solutions

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, keeping cannabis away from children and pets is a priority for many users. These storage solutions not only offer security but style, as well as practical solutions to manage humidity.

Home-growing necessities

If you’ve got a friend or a loved one who’s interested in growing their own cannabis once it becomes legal on Jan. 1, we’ve got a simple guide for all the basics they’ll need to get started. It could make for a fun gift basket!

A cannabis experience

There are more and more cannabis activities popping up every day — painting classes, tours, and more. Give a gift certificate for a day full of fun!

Edibles make easy presents

They’re stocking stuffers, they make great gift baskets, they can be standalone presents. And if you pop them open right after you unwrap them, your Christmas is probably going to be a lot nicer.

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