Heighten your senses by adding a touch of luxury to that relaxing scent already wafting through the house. The following products will not only elevate your mood, but also bring a bit of enlightenment to your puffing experience.

Brand: Robert Mickelsen and Calvin Mickle at Grey Space Art

Item: Mother Nature’s Gun

Price: $75,000

Brand: Joe Peters and Gateson Recko at Grey Space Art

Item: The Purple Space Lander

Price: $40,000

Brand: Summerland

Item: Fruit Fantasy

Price: $95

Brand: PenSimple

Item: PenSimple

Price: $89

Brand: Phoenician Engineering

Item: 24K Gold Plated Grinder

Price: $1,499

Brand: Shine

Item: 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Price: $55


Brand: Shine

Item: White Gold Rolling Papers

Price: $20

Brand: Sweetflag

Item: Ankh (Roach) Clip

Price: $60

Brand: S.T. Dupont

Item: Palladium Laquer Lighter

Price: Price Available Upon Request

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