Sheriff’s deputies raided a secluded, speakeasy-style marijuana dispensary illegally operating from a La Puente alleyway Wednesday, authorities said.

More than a dozen deputies, joined by La Puente code enforcement officials, carried out the bust about 6:30 p.m., under the cover of darkness provided by the recent departure from daylight saving time, at the nondescript establishment along Glendora Avenue, near Hacienda Boulevard, sheriff’s Lt. Pete Cacheiro said.

After noticing suspicious activity at the business and conducting several weeks of investigation, deputies obtained a search warrant and made their move, Cacheiro said.

Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s La Puente Special Enforcement Team spearheaded a raid targeting an illegal marijuana dispensary in La Puente on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017. (Courtesy Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

Two men were taken into custody on suspicion of sales of marijuana and hash, as well as on suspicion of violating La Puente’s municipal code barring marijuana dispensaries, according to the lieutenant. Their names were not available Wednesday night pending booking.

Deputies also seized an estimated 10 pounds of marijuana, as well as marijuana concentrates and pot-laced edibles, he said.

The dispensary sat in a secluded alley and had no outward signage indicating what type of business it was, Cacheiro said.

Customers had to be “vetted” by the establishment before they were allowed in, he added.

“Our policing efforts continue to serve the community of La Puente and illegal businesses will not be tolerated,” Cacheiro said. “We will enforce the California Penal Code, Health and Safety Code and municipal code ordinances.”

La Puente Mayor Valerie Munoz commended the operation.

“Our goals are to keep the community safe and ensure that our laws aren’t violated,” she said.

Police in El Monte conducted a similar raid in their city last month.

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